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Hair, face and body
78 quality care products
84 professional treatments

A unique know-how

Laboratoire Gibro
4 decades
of innovations

and potent

A natural method
with professional results

Quality and respect for the natural environment

A cutting-edge know-how in cosmetology and life sciences
A preserved nature and pristine wilderness

40 years of innovations

Innovation at the service of wellness
Inventor of Quantum Phytobiodermie treatments in 2017
Pioneers in energetic treatments in 1970


From the very beginning

Certified organic

In full compliance with the Cosmebio charter


The Verbier Away Spa

Experience an exquisite state of beauty, wellness and inner wholeness, as you feel the energy flowing throughout your body and mind during the signature treatment certified by Quantum Phytobiodermie.

La Villa Florius

A sensation of renewed strength, a sense of internal and external regeneration and a deep feeling of well-being are the words usually chosen to describe the PHYTO 5 experience.

The Pirmin Zurbriggen Spa

Thanks to the Phytobiodermie treatment process, which tackles the root cause of the imbalance, the Phytobiodermie care methods and PHYTO 5 top quality care products offer a personalized and customized solution for each and every skin type.

The Lausanne Palace Spa

The first contact with a PHYTO 5 care treatment is an intense experience, which comes as a complete surprise created by both the sensory and olfactory characteristics of the PHYTO 5 care products.


The Lamantin Beach Resort & Spa

The concentrated natural essences have an immediate effect on both the body and mind, with care products creating a stream of positive thoughts.

The Palmyra Golf Hôtel & Spa

As soon as the care products are applied, they provide an immediate sensation of well-being, revealing the vital energy flowing through the entire body.

The Preidlhof Luxury DolceVita Resort & Spa

The first sensation is then followed by a sense of complete relaxation, peace and absolute well-being.

The G Hotel & Spa Galway

Thanks to the various lines of care treatments, the effects on the skin and the feeling of well-being are unique.

The Peak Health Club

The various lines of care products enable the guests to reach a state of perfect physical, energetic and emotional balance, meeting their specific personal needs.

The Aspira Spa

Outstanding and lasting results. The Phytobiodermie professional care treatments are true energy therapies.

Le Martin'Spa

Where energy and emotion meet to enhance natural beauty and create a true feeling of wellness.

The Sensimar Lagos Hotel

A unique location to achieve complete relaxation and beauty.



Varberg Stadshotell & Asia Spa

Walking in a safe haven.

Arken Hotel & Art Garden Spa

Experience inner peace.

Hotel le Chambard

Throughout the world.



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