Happiness exalts beauty and well-being

Feeling better or stronger,
renewed from within and glowing outside,
and a profound sense of relaxation
are all characteristic testimonials
of the PHYTO 5 experience.

The first time comes the surprise
of an intense sensorial and olfactory experience
when opening a PHYTO 5 product.

An innovation from
Laboratoire Gibro

Its concentrate of natural essences
instantly awakens the mind and the body
while lifting positive thoughts to the surface.

Loved by beauty professionals
since 1979

With the help of a professional,
the Quantum diagnostic
will highlight the specificities
of your personal balance.

Embraced by Leading Spas

Austria • Belgium • Canada • England • France • Hong-Kong • Indonesia • Italy • Lebanon • Malaysia • Netherlands • Singapore • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • USA

When applying PHYTO 5 skincare,
vital energy starts flowing within the body.

Then comes release
and a profound sense of calm
and wellbeing.

Official Boutique

PhytoVillage is the official sales channel

From one range to the next,
the effects of PHYTO 5 skincare
on the skin and on wellbeing
are unique.

Le Club

Hot picks, certified spas and beauty salons, innovations

Each range
has been expertly designed to achieve
physical, emotional and energetic balance
in accordance with the needs
of every individual.


Laboratoire Gibro SA entre-deux Rivières 10, 2114 Fleurier Suisse
+41 32 552 02 90
since 1979